Author interviews and podcasts with media favourites such as Phil Clark (ABC Nightlife), Jon Faine (ABC Conversation Hour), Sarah Kanowski (ABC Conversations), Valerie Khoo (Australian Writers Centre) just to name a few.

Elevan OClock interview: Podcast with Elevan OClock

Sisters in Crime @ Port Phillip Seniors Festival – October 14, 2019

Edie from Sun Bookshop
Tara Mitchell from Sisters in Crime and Loretta

On Nightlife with Philip Clark

She was a chauffeur, mechanic, tour leader and small business owner: Alice Anderson led a team of female mechanics in Melbourne in the 1920s and even offered Australia’s first regular car service. Loretta Smith told her story to Philip Clark.
Duration: 19min 2sec Broadcast: Mon 1 Apr 2019, 10:00pm

Listen to the podcast
Podcast Interview
Fearless Alice Anderson and her all-girl garage
– Conversations interview with Sarah Kanowski on ABC on 5th April 2019
Loretta in Conversation with Sarah Kanowski  (podcast link)

Girls Invent – interview with Loretta Smith, author.

So You Want to be a Writer

Interview with Loretta Smith
Interview with Valerie Khoo

In Black & White: Alice’s Garage – interview podcast

In the 1910’s Melbourne’s streets were revolutionised by the automobile. And on one street corner sat a revolution all its own; an all female garage.

JOY FM – Interview with Loretta Smith

Writer, Loretta Smith, Joins Sunday Arts Mag to discuss her new book, A Spanner in the Works: The extraordinary story of Alice Anderson and Australia s first all-girl garage.

Girl Torque – the untimely death of Alice Anderson – go to podcast now

Alice Anderson was one of Australia’s first female mechanics and her ideas and inventions were ahead of her time. But Alice’s life came to an untimely end on a Friday evening in the back of her garage, with a gunshot to the head. Was it an accident or suicide? We speak with Loretta Smith, author of ‘A Spanner in the Works: The extraordinary story of Alice Anderson and Australia’s first all-girl garage.’

Wine and Crime Panel Discussion: Wayward Women in Herstorical Crime

The first of our new ‘Wine and Crime’ events, a panel discussion about some of the most wayward women in herstory. Wayward Women in Herstorical Crime is presented by panellists and true crime authors (pictured L-R) Tara Mitchell (Panel Chair), National Convenor of Sisters in Crime; Loretta Smith, author of A Spanner in the Works: The Extraordinary Story of Alice Anderson and Australia’s only ‘all-girl’ garage; Samantha Battams, The Secret Art of Poisoning: The True Crimes of Martha Needle, the Richmond Poisoner andThe Red Devil (with Les Parsons); and Tanya Bretheron, author of The Suitcase Baby, The Suicide Bride and The Killing Streets. Grab a glass of whatever you prefer and settle in for this fascinating discussion! This was a free partnership event with Sisters In Crime.

You can see the full webinar for free here.

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